Cap Alpha works with founders to realize an ambition of region-wide presence and success. Our investment ticket is typically in the range of US$ 1,000,000 to US$ 5,000,000, which enables a startup to set up its operations.

Cap Alpha with its active investment support provides strategic advice, business solutions, and future exit planning.

Cap Alpha invests in companies with

  • Strong management team
  • Proprietary technologies
  • Significant competitive advantages
  • Strong market position or clear market opportunity

Early Stage

Cap Alpha looks for FinTech, IoT, and BioTech companies that can scale in one country and subsequently be able to scale regionally. Our investments are in companies in angel or seed stage. We also take part in Series A and B investments.


Based in Hong Kong, Cap Alpha focuses on markets that have recently joined the global digital transformation process. We believe that the arrival of high connectivity, processing power, and interactivity results in an explosion of digital services, some of which are very much like those seen elsewhere before, and some unique to their local.

New Technology Industry

Cap Alpha likes to invest in startups in Asia that leverage technology and the internet to scale rapidly and disrupt existing markets.

Entrepreneurs with a strong vision

At Cap Alpha, we are very pro-founders and pro-entrepreneurship. This is not only reflected in our investment terms but also in the way we deal with entrepreneurs. We are always open to founders and happy to support and offer guidance.